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Research on Dual-objective Hybrid Balancing Control for Series Battery
Received:August 11, 2019  Revised:November 13, 2019
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Keywords:series battery  aging rate  SOC  balancing
Fund Project:
Guo Xiangwei gxw@hpu.edu.cn
Si Yang School of electrical engineering and automation, Henan Polytechnic University jxx@vip.163.com
Li Wenbiao Huawei technologies co. LTD, Chip business department epangelo@mail.scut.edu.cn
华显 The Battery Research Institute of Henan Province, Software solution development. huaxianhpu@outlook.com
胡治国 School of electrical engineering and automation, Henan Polytechnic University hzg@hpu.edu.cn
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      Abstract: The balancing system can significantly improve the consistency of the battery pack, improve the energy utilization of the battery pack, and extend the cycle life of the battery pack. In this paper, a dual-objective hybrid balancing control method for series batteries is established with aging rate and SOC as balanced indexes. The aging balance achieves the same degree of life attenuation of each cell under different work-ing conditions, so that the inconsistency of the battery is improved from the root cause, SOC balance further avoids the inconsistency and maximizes the performance of the power battery. Ultimately, the energy utilization and cycle life of the battery pack are improved.