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A quick method of implementing SVPWM modulation effect for VIENNA rectifier
Received:July 29, 2019  Revised:September 26, 2019
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Keywords:VIENNA Rectifier  Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation  Optimal Modulation  PSIM Simulation
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ChenJiaXin 1396534138@qq.com
ShiWangWang School of Electrical, Energy and Power Engineering of Yangzhou University yzdxsww@163.com
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      Abstract:In view of the large amount of computation, too complex method and limited application in the situation of high real-time requirement of conventional VIENNA rectifier SVPWM (Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation), a mathematical optimization method which can directly realize VIENNA rectifier SVPWM is proposed in this paper. Firstly, according to the mathematical model of VIENNA rectifier and the constraint conditions of pulse width modulation, a new combination function and interval partition criterion for judging interval are defined, and the optimization algorithm is proposed, according to which the modulation formula is given, and then the midpoint voltage balance algorithm is redesigned. Finally, through PSIM simulation and DSP experiment, the modulation effect of the conventional method is compared with that of the proposed method, and the feasibility of the optimized modulation algorithm is verified.