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Coil Design of MCR-WPT System Based on Helix Equation
Received:July 26, 2019  Revised:October 21, 2019
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Keywords:MCR-WPT  Archimedes spiral equation  Planar spiral coil  Optimization design
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Wu Xin Shanghai Institute of Space Power-Sources 2284893858@qq.com
He Xiaobin Shanghai Institute of Space Power-Sources 33349445@qq.com
Lan Jianyu jianyu_lan@163.com
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      In the magnetic coupling resonant wireless power transfer (MCR-WPT) system, the coil is the key link of energy transfer, and the design of its parameters determines the transmission efficiency of the system. At present, there is still no mature and perfect coil design method. In this paper, the planar spiral coil is taken as the research object. The exact mathematical model is established by using the Archimedes spiral equation. The relationship between mutual inductance, self-inductance, resistance and coil geometric parameters of the coupled coil is analyzed, and a more accurate calculation method is obtained. The simulation is verified by COMSOL. When the pitch of the coil is small, the calculation error of each electric parameter is within 5%. For the given qualification conditions, the coil transmission efficiency is used as the optimization target, and the optimal coil parameters are solved by MATLAB. Finally, the actual coil is wound and experimentally measured to have a maximum transmis-sion efficiency of more than 95%, which proves the rationality of the coil design method.