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Magnetic integrated switch capacitor high gain cascade boost converter
Received:July 24, 2019  Revised:August 23, 2019
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Keywords:cascaded Boost converter  high gain  magnetic integration  voltage stress
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rongdesheng Liaoning Technical University 1931502895@qq.com
chenliang Liaoning Technical University 398997249@qq.com
Ren Jie 23300344@qq.com
朱晓林 295231321@qq.com
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      In order to further improve the key performance of the basic cascaded Boost converter, a magnetic integrated switched capacitor high gain cascaded Boost converter is proposed. The converter utilizes two voltage doubling units of the split switch capacitor to recombine with the pre-stage energy storage structure of the cascade converter, and simultaneously applies magnetic integration technology to achieve high voltage gain while reducing the switch. The voltage stress of the tube and the inductor current ripple. The working modes of the converter are analyzed, the performance parameters are derived, the magnetic integrated design scheme is given, and the correctness of the theoretical analysis is verified by simulation and production of the prototype.