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Research on Backstepping Control of VIENNA Rectifier Based on Neutral Potential Balance
Received:July 09, 2019  Revised:August 19, 2019
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Keywords:VIENNA Rectifier  SimplifiedSVPWM  Backstepping Control  Neutral Potential Balance  MATLAB/SIMULINK
Fund Project:
Wangjunrui School of Electrical Information Engineering,North Minzu University jr09110111@163.com
Jiasining School of Electrical Information Engineering,North Minzu University 1224201162@qq.com
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      Because VIENNA rectifier has the characteristics of strong coupling and non-linearity, this paper establishes the d-q coordinate axis mathematical model of VIENNA rectifier, adopts backstepping control strategy to control DC voltage and d-q axis current. A simplified algorithm based on two-level SVPWM is transplanted into VIENNA rectifier. The working principle of space vector modulation of VIENNA rectifier is analyzed, and on this basis, software arithmetic is used to adjust the action time of P and N small vectors to achieve the balance of neutral potential. Finally, a simulation platform is built by using MATLAB/SIMULINK software to verify the rationality and effectiveness of the the proposed control strategy. Compared with the traditional PI control, the backstepping control increases the stability of the output DC voltage, improves the current harmonics, further improves the power factor under the neutral potential balance adjustment, and makes the VIENNA rectifier have better dynamic performance.