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Research on the Control Strategies of Solid-state Transformer Based on the Voltage Balancer
Received:April 30, 2019  Revised:September 17, 2019
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Keywords:solid-state transformer  power electronic transformer  voltage balancer  bipolar
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zhang zhe Xi’an XD Power System Co., Ltd. zhangzhe@xderi.com.cn
Xu chongfu xuchongfu@xderi.com.cn
Wang yifei wangyifei@xderi.com.cn
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      Solid-state transformer is the core device of AC/DC hybrid distribution network. A solid-state transformer topology based on voltage balancer is proposed for low-voltage direct current distribution network, which generally uses bipolar power supply. The intermediate DC/DC of the proposed topology consists of three parts: half bridge, dual active bridge and voltage equalization. Combining with its operation mode, the control strategies of each part are given. In order to analyze the large signal stability of the system and accelerate the simulation speed, the large signal gyrator model of the intermediate DC/DC sub-module is presented. The effectiveness of the proposed topology and control strategy is verified by simulation. The proposed solid-state transformer based on voltage equalizer has multiple voltage ports, which can be connected with medium and high voltage power grid and low voltage power grid to provide its own electricity or network operation.