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junction temperature monitoring of SiC MOSFET module
Received:March 25, 2019  Revised:June 16, 2019
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Keywords:Junction temperature extraction  Silicon carbide  MOSFET  Threshold voltage.
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LI Lingyun lilingyun1111@163.com
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Huang Delei School of Electrical and Power Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology hdl860217@163.com
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      Silicon carbide (SiC) metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET) have become a promising device with high power density and efficiency due to their excellent material properties. Junction temperature is an important design and operating parameter. It is also an important indicator of health status. For the purpose of state monitoring, this paper proposes a junction temperature extraction method based on quasi-threshold voltage that is not affected by self-heating. Firstly, it is proved theoretically and experimentally that the threshold voltage VTH shows a good linearity with temperature. The relationship is a negative temperature sensitivity. Then the effect of the external drive resistor RGext on VTH is observed experimentally. Finally, the method of obtaining the quasi-threshold voltage is proposed in combination with the intelligent drive, and the feasibility of the method is verified by experiments.