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Stability Improvement Method of Cascaded DC-DC Converters with Additional Inductor Current Linear Feedback Control
Received:March 06, 2019  Revised:April 09, 2019
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Keywords:cascaded DC-DC converters  stability improvement  time-domain modeling  eigenvalue sensitivity
Fund Project:The National Natural Science Foundation of China (General Program, Key Program, Major Research Plan)
lihong Beijing Jiaotong University hli@bjtu.edu.cn
guozhongya zyguo_ee@bjtu.edu.cn
liuchen chliu01@bjtu.edu.cn
zhaoyangyang yangyangzhao@bjtu.edu.cn
suwenzhe wenzhesu@bjtu.edu.cn
zhangbo epbzhang@scut.edu.cn
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      The interaction between the source converter and the load converter may cause instability problems in the cascaded DC-DC converters, so it is necessary to improve the stability of the cascaded system. In order to solve the above problem, the eigenvalue sensitivity is applied to the time-domain model of the cascaded DC-DC converters. Without calculating the output impedance of the source converter and the input imped-ance of the load converter, the linear feedback control of additional inductor current is proposed in time domain to improve the stability of cas-caded DC-DC converters. At the same time, based on the time domain model, the influence of the newly introduced control variable on the sta-bility of system is intuitively analyzed. Afterwards, the effectiveness of the obtained control method was verified by simulation and experiment.