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A Diagnosis Method for Open-circuit Faults in Three-level APF Based on Standardized Line Voltage Error
Received:March 06, 2019  Revised:June 10, 2019
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Keywords:three-level  active power filter  line voltage error  fault location
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WANG Yufeng 251021919@qq.com
Qian Haohao Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering , Liaoning Technical University 1842138371@qq.com
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      To improve the reliability of Active Power Filter (APF) system, a fault diagnosis method based on line voltage error standardization was proposed for open circuit faults of three-phase three-level parallel APF power switch tubes. According to the APF system, there is an error in the output line voltage under the normal state and the fault state, and the fault diagnosis and positioning are performed by analyzing the logical relationship between the error and the current system control state signal and the output current. In order to simplify the algorithm, the line voltage error value is normalized with respect to the DC side; the set threshold is compared with the diagnostic variable to eliminate the measurement error; and the time standard is used to improve the reliability of the fault diagnosis. The method can realize fault diagnosis and positioning simultaneously, and the time used is limited to the sampling period, has good fastness and reliability, and is suitable for the dynamic response process of the system. Simulation results verify the effectiveness of the proposed method.