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Design of High Efficiency and High Power Density Vehicle Bidirectional Power Converter
Received:February 21, 2019  Revised:April 24, 2019
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Keywords:High efficiency and high power density, Phase shift full bridge zero voltage switch, Single-phase full bridge inverter, PWM rectifier, Four quadrant work
Fund Project:Chongqing postgraduate research and innovation project (fund no. CYS18310)
Xiao Huihui xhh@cqut.edu.cn
Li Maoli 530198243@qq.com
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      In this paper, a vehicle-mounted bidirectional electric energy converter for charging and discharging electric vehicle batteries is designed. In the charging state, PWM rectification technology is adopted in the front stage, and ZVS circuit is adopted in the rear stage to achieve high-efficiency voltage reduction transformation with electrical isolation. In the state of discharge, the bi-directional dc-dc converter realizes voltage boost conversion, and the bi-directional ac-dc, as a single-phase full-bridge inverter, adopts voltage feedforward and voltage current double closed-loop control. This system adopts all-control device GaN to control current and voltage switching. It can make the current and voltage work in positive and negative four quadrants, and realize the forward and reverse energy transfer in both directions. According to this scheme, a prototype with a switching frequency of 100kHz and output power of 2KW is designed. The system can effectively realize the bidirectional flow of energy, and effectively improve the efficiency and power density, and verify the feasibility of the scheme.