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Method of voltage self-healing control for micro-grid under network operation
Received:February 14, 2019  Revised:July 08, 2019
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Keywords:Networking  Micro-grid  Voltage  Self-healing control  MAS  Recovery Path
Fund Project:Basic and Pre-Research Technology Research Project of Henan Province in 2015 (Foundation No. 172200310006)
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Wang Hechuang 13903930134@139.com
CHU Mingyue 13839311109@139.com
Lin Maosheng 15939352575@139.com
杜立江 13839319828@139.com
张中宽 pypower@126.com
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      Under the traditional network operation, the voltage self-healing control method of the mini-grid uses the current differential protection measure, and can not control the feeder switch remotely, and can not realize the voltage self-healing quickly. A new self-healing control method is proposed, and the MAS distributed control system is introduced into the micro-grid voltage self-healing control under networked operation. After feedback the micro-grid operation status and fault information to the upper micro-grid agent through the lower agents in the two-layer MAS structure, Formulate the final self-healing control plan and issue an order to optimize self-healing; Through the cooperation between Anentes to quickly locate the faults of the grid and carry out voltage self-recovery control, Agent realizes fault location analysis based on improving the fault occurrence basis of differential current judgment and branch fault judgment basis. When the voltage self-healing control uses the heuristic search method to form the power supply recovery path, the agent at each contact switch sends the recovery command to the agent at the fault end segment switch, and notifies the local agent to turn on the suspension gate to realize the micro-grid voltage self-healing. The results show that the self-healing control method has accurate fault location, and the self-healing recovery time is only 0.27 S. The self-healing control performance is good.