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Research on Protection System of Induction Heating with Single IGBT Inverter Topology
Received:January 28, 2019  Revised:March 06, 2019
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Keywords:single inverter, IGBT, failue mode, surge, ladder protection
Fund Project:
Guan Xingyong Hangzhou Robam Appliances CO.,LTD. guanxingyong@robam.com
Li Jing leej@robam.com
Shen Haibing shb@robom.com
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      This thesis introduces the theory of single IGBT and parallel inverter topology structure induction heating system, analyzes the main failue model of IGBT of this kind of induction heating system, then introduces the current protection system and analyzes the weakness of this system. After that introduces the two-stage ladder typer protection system, the system monitors the signal of AC voltage with real-time, protect IGBT according to the magnitude and rate of change of voltage. In the end, clarifies the design of hardware and software, and introduces the result of testing.