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Power control of grid-connected inverter of fuel cell under unbalanced grid voltage
Received:January 24, 2019  Revised:June 14, 2019
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Keywords:Three-phase voltage  Imbalance  Fuel cells  Single phase network  Inverters  Power control  All-pass filter
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CHEN Muze chenmuz123@163.com
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      Based on the reference command change, the single-phase grid-connected inverter power control method realizes the coordinated control between the inverter current quality and the power fluctuation by adjusting the harmonic components in the reference command that affects the power fluctuation, and cannot achieve the three-phase voltage imbalance. There is no static difference adjustment of the negative sequence AC component, and the power control effect is poor. According to this problem, the power control method of fuel cell single-phase grid-connected inverter under three-phase voltage unbalance is proposed, and the fuel cell grid-connected system model is constructed to obtain the fuel cell single-phase grid-connected inverter circuit topology. Using the direct power control method without phase-locked loop, the all-pass filter is used to phase-shift the voltage and current fundamental components in the grid-connected inverter circuit, eliminating the negative-order AC component of 2 times frequency, and implementing grid-connected inverse The effective control of the active and reactive power of the transformer. The experimental results show that the current harmonic content of the grid-connected inverter controlled by the proposed method is 0.33%, and the output current sinusoid is high. The inverter can still control the current under the fault condition. Good effect and strong security