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An Improved Power Electronic DC Transformer based on Magnetic Cou-pling Transformer
Received:January 11, 2019  Revised:March 28, 2019
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Keywords:power electronic transformer  DC converter, multiple active bridge  magnetic coupling
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      To overcome the volume drawback of the transformer in series connected power electronic transformer, a multiple active bridge converter with an improved transformer is designed in this paper. The series connection of H-bridges is applied in the primary side of transformer to bear high voltage, while single or parallel connection H-bridges can sever as secondary topology to support high current level. A novel high-frequency transformer structure is illustrated which use multi-winder in primary side and single winder in secondary side. The designed transformer structure can integrate the cores and primary winders in the high side converter modules and decrease the number of ports of secondary side. At the same time, the equivalent model and control principles are discussed. Finally, the feasibility of the converter and control strategy is verified by the experimental prototype results