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Research on economic benefits of frequency modulation for energy storage combined generating units
Received:January 04, 2019  Revised:April 01, 2019
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Keywords:Energy storage  generator set  frequency modulation  economic benefit
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      In recent years, tremendous changes have taken place in the power supply structure of domestic power grid. Wind power and photovoltaic power are integrated into the power grid. While utilizing renewable energy, the flexibility of thermal power units is gradually improved due to the unfriendly characteristics of the power grid. From the angle of frequency modulation of AGC Automatic Generation Control (AGC Automatic Generation Control) provided by combined thermal power units of energy storage battery system, this paper first discusses the relevant compensation policy of the state for frequency modulation service, then carries out mathematical modeling and analysis of frequency modulation compensation, and finally simulates the participation of energy storage in frequency modulation of a plant in Guangdong Province by matlab. The results of the operation are analyzed. It is proved that the frequency modulation of energy storage combined generators has good economic benefits.