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A Novel Dual Input DC-DC Converter for Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Power Generation System
Received:January 03, 2019  Revised:February 27, 2019
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Keywords:Coupled- inductor  dual input  high gain  three level  low voltage stress  
Fund Project:Hainan province natural science foundation of China(517183); Liaoning province million talents engineering project(20150101)
lihongzhu Liaoning Technical University 2067711624@qq.com
liufeiyang Liaoning Technical University 1282354800@qq.com
lihongfan Sanya Institute of Technology
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      A Novel Dual Input DC-DC converter with high gain and low voltage stress is proposed. The converter consists of two upper and lower symmetrical coupled inductor Boost converters. It has two modes of single input and dual input. Only one switch tube works in single input state; two switch tubes work in dual input state. The new converter can increase the converter voltage gain by changing the turns ratio of the coupled inductor; the output uses a three-level structure to reduce the converter switching tube and diode voltage stress. The operating modes of the converter in single-input and dual-input modes are analyzed. The main working waveforms of the converter are given. The voltage gain of the converter, the voltage stress of the switching tube and the diode are derived. The voltage inductance of the converter is analyzed. Impact. The correctness of the theoretical analysis is verified by experiments.