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Half-Bridge Cascaded 3-Phase Multilevel Inverter and its Control
Received:December 24, 2018  Revised:March 06, 2019
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Keywords:cascaded multilevel inverter  half-bride  SPWM  power distribution ratio.
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XIA Shou-xing xiasing3@163.com
ZHU Sa-sa Wenzhou Vocational College of Science and Technology
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      Changing H full bridge unit of traditional cascade three-phase multilevel inverter to half bridge unit can reduce the number of power devices by half and two main power supplies. This paper analyzes the SPWM(Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation) modulation control method under the condition of double voltage and equal voltage power supply and the modulation results. By using the method of equal energy and equal electric quantity, the power distribution ratio and backward power ratio of power supply are solved. By increasing the capacitance of power supply and PWM software algorithm, the influence of the backward power can be reduced to a small extent. The power of the cascade power supply can be balanced except the utility power by using the cyclic pulse control in the equal voltage power supply inverter.