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Multi-physical Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Modeling and Sim-ulation
Received:November 30, 2018  Revised:January 02, 2019
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Keywords:fuel cell  multi-physical  accurate modeling  simulation test
Fund Project:
Ma Rui Northwestern Polytechnical University rui.ma@utbm.fr
Huangfu Yigeng Northwestern Polytechnical University
Zhao Dongdong Northwestern Polytechnical University
Gao Fei Femto-ST Institute, UTBM, CNRS fei.gao@utbm.fr
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      Fuel cell and its based applications have already drawn research attention in recent years. The fundamental fuel cell model is of great importance to the fuel cell system analyzing and design. Compared with the existed semi-empirical fuel cell model, this paper proposed a general mul-ti-physical fuel cell model which takes electrochemical domain, fluidic domain and thermal dynamic domain into consideration. The proposed framed modeling approach can not only guarantee an accurate modeling for certain kinds of proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) but also can be applied to other different kinds of fuel cells. Later based on the Ballard NEXA 1.2 kW PEMFC, the simulation under varies operat-ing conditions are conducted with the verification of the experimentally measured data, and the results indicate the effectiveness and the accuracy of the proposed model. Thus, the corresponding control algorithm for the fuel cell system and the monitoring of the fuel cell itself can be done to enhance the performance of the system and extend the lifespan of the fuel cell.