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Research Progress in Water Management of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
Received:November 19, 2018  Revised:March 11, 2019
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Keywords:proton exchange membrane fuel cell: water management  neutron imaging  multiphase flow model
Fund Project:Supported by National key research and development program new vehicles major special projects(2018YFB106500)
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      Poor water management will increase internal resistance and hinder oxygen reduction reaction. Therefore, effective water management is one of the key strategies to improve the performance and durability of proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC). The phenomena of membrane dehydration, catalyst layer overflow, mass transfer and fluid flow state will be affected by the distribution and movement of water in the flow channel. In this paper, the related literature on key technologies of PEMFC water management is reviewed, and various technical solutions to improve water management are discussed. It is found that the formation and diffusion of liquid droplets and their interaction with gas diffusion layer (GDL) have been extensively studied by using neutron imaging and electron microscopy. The CFD model and VOF method were used to simulate the movement of water droplets and slug formation in fuel cell micro channels.