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Step-up DC-DC converter based on diode-capacitor doubler
Received:October 15, 2018  Revised:December 06, 2018
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Keywords:active switched-inductor  CCM  DCM  magnetic integration technique
Fund Project:National Natural Science Foundation of China;Liaoning Province Natural Science Foundation of China
rongdesheng Liaoning Technical University 17737465621@163.com
Donghaoran Liaoning Technical University 329133493@qq.com
Lvpeixian 1397132179@qq.com
Sunxuanjin 141902335@qq.com
Hanshaopeng 584659842@qq.com
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      Based on diode-capacitor doubler unit, a new type of high-gain boost converter is proposed. The topology can achieve high gains while avoiding the use of extremely large duty cycles and effectively reduce the voltage stress on the switches and diodes. The working principle of the converter is analyzed, and the voltage gain of the converter in the continuous state (CCM) and discontinuous state (DCM), the voltage stress of the switching device and the inductor current ripple are deduced. Compared with the traditional Boost converter, the voltage gain is (5-D) times that of the CCM, and the inductor current ripple is approximately reduced to half. Finally, the correctness of the theoretical analysis is verified by simulation and prototype experiments, which shows that the proposed converter has good comprehensive performance.