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Analysis of voltage sag compatibility capability based on improved maxi-mum entropy method
Received:October 01, 2018  Revised:January 14, 2019
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Keywords:sensitive equipment  voltage sag  compatibility  improved maximum entropy method  fault probability distribution function
Fund Project:China Southern Power Grid science and technology project
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      It is very important to study the compatibility of voltage sag for sensitive equipment. In this paper, the traditional method is studied theoretically, and its shortcomings are analyzed. A method for analyzing voltage sag compatibility capability of sensitive equipment considering uncertain area is proposed to establish the fault probability models of equipment and power grid, and the fault probability distribution functions of equipment and power grid are established by selecting appropriate distribution functions. Further the compat-ibility probability in the uncertain area and total compatibility times are calculated, which makes a more accurate description of the compatibility and results in great improvement of evaluation accuracy. Compared with traditional probability fitting methods and compatibility analysis method, it is suggested that the improved maximum entropy method be used to fit the failure probability distri-bution function of equipment and power grid. Moreover, it can provide more accurate evaluation results and important reference for the grid, governance manufacturers, and sensitive equipment users.