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Fault Identification of Wireless Power Transmission System based on Feature Comparison
Received:September 20, 2018  Revised:November 28, 2018
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Keywords:Wireless power transmission  Fault identification  Equivalent circuit  feature comparison
Fund Project:Educational Commission of Guangdong Province, China
QianQiang Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai qianqiang02@126.com
YanLihua ally_y@126.com
DongRuiweng 361708439@qq.com
HuangHaiyu 654541625@qq.com
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      In the course of operation, the wireless charging system may encounter various special conditions such as Busbar grounding, open circuit and component damage. The relationship between the current-voltage of the original-auxiliary side bus and the cause of the fault is analyzed under the condition of the fault, and the simulation circuit of the 3kW wireless charging system is built, the comparison rules of various faults are established, and the on-line fault recognition is realized. The analysis shows that this method can effectively judge the fault location and enhance the system protection.