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A Common-mode Noise Suppression Method For Full-bridge LLC Con-verter
Received:August 17, 2018  Revised:November 19, 2018
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Keywords:LLC  common mode  electromagnetic interference  noise model  balance capacitor
Fund Project:The National Natural Science Foundation of China (51777094)
刘颜 liuyan@nuaa.edu.cn
张方华 zhangfh@nuaa.edu.cn
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      Full-bridge LLC converter has been widely used in medium-to-high power applications because of simple topology and ease of achieving soft-switching for all power switches. The common noise model of full-bridge LLC converter is established. The common mode noise source and common mode noise coupling path are analyzed. The common mode noise cancellation method based on balance capacitor is proposed and the extraction method of parasitic capacitance for transformer is given. Finally, the correctness of the model and the feasibility of the method are verified by experiments.