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Graphic analysis of Reactive Power for a Single Phase Full Wave Rectifier with Back EMF Load
Received:July 30, 2018  Revised:September 14, 2018
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Keywords:phase controlled rectifier  reactive power  back EMF load  graphical method
Fund Project:The National Natural Science Foundation of China (General Program, Key Program, Major Research Plan)
WU Jiaju Nanchang Hangkong University wujiaj2003@aliyun.com
ZHOU Ye Nanchang Hangkong University 771502836@qq.com
FENG Shangxian 983807779@qq.com
陈亮亮 chenlian0510@163.com
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      When the load of the rectifier circuit is the armature of the battery, its circuit operation and reactive power measurement are different from pure resistance load. In this paper, a method of reactive power diagram with back EMF load is proposed in this paper. The three-dimensional Lissajous diagram is drawn by the voltage, current and corresponding flux waveform of the network side, and the area of the projection triangle is used to analyze the non functional flow. This method can be used to measure the reactive power and compensate the power of the single-phase phase controlled rectifier circuit. It provides reference. The analysis results show that the reactive power diagram method proposed in this paper is simple and intuitive, and has good real-time performance.