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Modeling of Isolated Multi-port Bidirectional DC-DC Converter with Phase-shifted Full Bridge Based on Extended State-space Averaging Method
Received:July 29, 2018  Revised:August 29, 2018
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Keywords:multi-port DC-DC converter  state-space averaging  small-signal model  phase-shifted control
Fund Project:The National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program)
Li Xin lixin@hfut.edu.cn
Zhang Weiwei School of Electrical Engineering and Automation, Hefei University of Technology 2429051425@qq.com
ZHU Haoyu 971175264@qq.com
黄钰笛 262855610@qq.com
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      A mathematical model of isolated multi-port bidirectional DC-DC converter for hybrid energy storage system is presented. The multi-port equivalent circuit of DC-DC converter under phase-shifted control is established by wye-net transformation. State-space averaging model and small-signal model of N-port DC-DC converter under condition of continuous conduction mode are established by the generalized state-space averaging method, and the energy between each port is analyzed. Comparisons are made between the output of mathematical model and the topology circuit with simulation. And taking three-port DC-DC converter as an example, the dynamic responses of the model and the topology under disturbance of phase-shifted radio and power voltage are analyzed. Result shows that the proposed mathematical model can accurately reflect steady-state performance and dynamic performance of the multi-port converter under phase-shifted control. The proposed model is proper for converters with different port numbers when there is no restricts on the ports.