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Novel cascade magnetically integrated switching inductor high gain boost converter
Received:July 13, 2018  Revised:November 20, 2018
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Keywords:switching inductor  high gain  magnetic integration  boost converter
Fund Project:The National Natural Science Foundation of China (General Program, Key Program, Major Research Plan)
yaohongxu Faculty of Electricaland control Engineering,Liaoning Technical University hongxu_yao@163.com
haihang State Grid Operation Branch Shanghai Office 601329764@qq.com
gaoyan Faculty of Electricaland control Engineering,Liaoning Technical University 1491106660@qq.com
wukun State Grid JinZhou power supply company of Liaoning Electric Power Co.Ltd. wukun024@163.com
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      In order to improve the voltage gain of traditional cascaded Boost converters, reduce the branch inductor current ripple, reduce the voltage stress of the switches, and reduce the converter volume, In this paper, magnetic integration technique, interleaving technology, switching inductance and energy storage capacitor are applied to the traditional cascaded Boost converters. referring to the two switching inductors and energy storage capacitors leads to that voltage gain of the converter proposed in this paper can be increased to 4 times as much as traditional cascaded Boost converter. Using magnetic integrationtechnique and rational design of coupling inductance coefficient can not only reduce current ripple of branch inductance and reduce the voltage stress of the switches,, but also improve the systemtransient response speed, reduce the volume weight of the converter, thus improve the electrical performance of converter. Simulation and experimental results verify the correctness of the theoretical analysis.