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A New Magnetic Integrated combined CUK Converter
Received:May 24, 2018  Revised:July 22, 2018
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Keywords:CUK converter  combined converter  Magnetic integration  low current ripple  High voltage gain.
Fund Project:Hainan province natural science foundation of China(517183), Liaoning province million talents engineering project(20150101), Inner Mongolia autonomous region natural science fund(2017MS(LH)0513)
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      A magnetic integrated combined CUK converter is proposed. The combined converter is composed of two basic CUK converters and three inductors in the converter are magnetically integrated. By analyzing the mode and performance of the combined converter, it is found that the voltage gain of the combined converter is twice that of the basic CUK converter, and the inductance current ripple is significantly reduced after the inductance magnetic integration. The design criteria for the reducing current ripple coupling degree of magnetic integrated inductors are presented. The simulation and experiment verify the correctness of the theoretical analysis. The magnetic integrated combined CUK converter can be used in photovoltaic, fuel cell and other power generation systems.