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High gain DC converter based on voltage doubling unit coupling inductor
Received:May 13, 2018  Revised:July 11, 2018
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Keywords:ouble voltage unit  high gain  coupling integrated  DC convert
Fund Project:The National Natural Science Foundation of China (General Program, Key Program, Major Research Plan)
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      A novel DC-DC high gain converter based on voltage doubling unit is proposed. On the basis of the traditional Boost converter, the voltage doubling unit is introduced to improve the voltage gain of the converter, and the two energy storage inductors are magnetically integrated to reduce the converter volume and the inductor current ripple. The working principle and working mode of the converter are analyzed. The formula of the output voltage gain, the voltage stress of each diode and the switch tube, and the current ripple of the inductor are derived. Compared with the traditional Boost converter, the voltage gain is increased by (3+D) times, and the stress and voltage of the switch tube are reduced obviously, and the ripple of the inductor current is reduced by half. The correctness of theoretical analysis is verified by simulation and experiment.