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Modulation-Function-Based Model Predictive Direct Power Control of Single-Phase PWM Converters
Received:April 28, 2018  Revised:June 24, 2018
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Keywords:Single-Phase PWM Converters  Model Predictive Control  Direct power control  optimal modulation function
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陶慧 Henan Polytechnic University taohui@hpu.edu.com
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      Abstract: Finite Set Model Predictive Control (FSC-MPC) uses the system model to predict the future value of active /reactive power and obtains the best voltage vector minimizing the power errors by enumeration. It has problems such as large amount of online calculations, changes in switching frequency with operating points, high harmonic distortion, etc. this paper proposes a Modulation-Function-Based MPC-DPC,it uses the relationship between the effective voltage vector and the input voltage of the rectifier, introduces the modulation function, and then selects the optimal effective voltage vector and the corresponding optimal modulation function according to the cost function. Finally, the PWM is used to generate the driving pulse for power control. The proposed algorithm can not only reduce the computational complexity, but also fix the switching frequency and reduce the harmonic distortion, compared to the FSC-MPC. Finally, simulation and experiments results also verify the correctness of this algorithm.