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Combined operation system of SVG and APF common bus under Unbalanced Grid
Received:April 28, 2018  Revised:May 20, 2018
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Keywords:reactive power compensation  harmonic control  static var generator  active power filter  and DC bus  circulating currents
Fund Project:National Key R&D Plan(2016YFC0600906); the Mine electric power monitoring system(11991131)
Dong Yanjie College of Electrical Engineering and Automation, Henan Polytechnic University 981472431@qq.com
Fu Zi yi College of Electrical Engineering and Automation, Henan Polytechnic University fuzy@hpu.edu.cn
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      Aiming at the problem of excessive volume and system loss of parallel hybrid active power filter (APF) and reactive power compensation device under unbalanced grid, A static var generator (SVG) and an APF and DC bus joint operation system under an unbalanced power grid are proposed. Among them, SVG is mainly used to quickly compensate reactive power and power grid imbalance, and APF filter out the specific harmonics of power grid and SVG. The combined system reduces the volume of the capacitor through the and DC bus and reduces the total volume of the system; Reducing the switching frequency of the SVG reduces the system loss. The circulation suppression strategy of the system is analyzed, and the circulation of the module is added to the suppression link, and the circulation problem in the parallel system is solved. Finally, the feasibility of the joint system is verified by MATLAB/SIMULINK simulation.