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The capacity optimization of multi-medium energy storage system improving local consumption of wind power
Received:April 19, 2018  Revised:May 21, 2018
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Keywords:wind power consumption  multi-medium energy storage system  optimal operation  capacity configuration
Fund Project:Major Science and Technology Project of Hunan Province(2016GK1003); National Key Research and Development Program(2017YFGX100110); Project of State Grid Corporation of China (KY-SG-2016-204-JLDKY)
xiezhijia China Electric Power Research Institute xiezhijia1989@sina.com
lijianlin China Electric Power Research Institute
huidong China Electric Power Research Institute
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      In order to solve the “wind-heat conflict” during heating period in the “Three North” region, a multi-medium energy storage system is installed at the end of the power grid where wind power is difficult to absorb to form a wind power-electric energy storage-heat storage energy combined system. And the abandoned wind power is used for heating to promote the local consumption of wind power. Based on the TOU price mechanism, the operation strategy of energy storage is dynamically adjusted to adjust the thermal load power and grid-side power. This not only achieves optimal dispatch of thermal storage equipment output, but also provides real-time energy storage system charging by the principle of energy balance of the combined system. A multi-objective optimization model based on energy efficiency, economy, and environment was established. A multi-objective non-dominated particle swarm optimization algorithm was used to solve the proposed model. The validity and practical feasibility of the proposed method was verified by numerical examples.