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Application of soft carbon anode materials in energy storage power station
Received:April 01, 2018  Revised:May 17, 2018
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Keywords:soft carbon anode material lithium battery  basic dynamic performance  megawatt-hour energy storage power station  consistency
Fund Project:Project Supported by National high technology research project
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zhanghongxin College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Qingdao University qduzhx@126.com
huowei College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Qingdao University qdhuowei@163.com
zhaoqinghai Power Integration and Energy Storage System Engineering Technology Center, Qingdao University zqhbit@163.com
徐方超 College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Qingdao University 1280085739@qq.com
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      Abstract:By studying the basic dynamic properties of soft carbon anode material lithium battery, the advantages of applying it to megawatt-hour energy storage power station are evaluated. By analyzing the consistency of the parameters of the battery in the process of charging and discharging, it can provide a theoretical basis for improving the working performance of the stored energy station in the later optimization of the balance circuit. In this paper, electrochemical workstation and megawatt-hour container energy storage system, respectively, lithium-ion battery cells and battery pack for experimental testing. The experimental results show that when the single cell discharges at 3C, the discharge voltage can be kept above 2.5V, and the voltage stability is high. Meanwhile, 3C discharge capacity of 37611mAh, discharge rate can reach 77.17%. Battery charge and discharge resistance is relatively small, the battery has a high charge-discharge efficiency. During the charge-discharge process, the surface of the cluster voltage rises smoothly and smoothly. The average charge capacity of the battery is 50.45Ah, the standard deviation is 0.75, the average discharge capacity is 49.60Ah, the standard deviation is 0.82, and the temperature difference between each unit is small, Charge and discharge temperature consistency is good. Therefore, the soft carbon anode material lithium battery has excellent charge-discharge performance, to meet the design requirements for energy storage batteries, while the battery string parallel connection has good consistency to provide theoretical support for the late storage system optimization.