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Design of Resonant Converter Applied in EV Charger
Received:February 18, 2018  Revised:March 15, 2018
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Keywords:Resonant converter  Wide output voltage range  High efficiency
Fund Project:Multi Energy Storage System Construction Theory, Control and Design Method
Qiu Fujun Institute of Power Electronics of Zhejiang University fujunq@zju.edu.cn
Hu Changsheng Institute of Power Electronics of Zhejiang University hucs@zju.edu.cn
Xu Dehong Institute of Power Electronics of Zhejiang University xdh@zju.edu.cn
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      The topology of EV charger has been illustrated in this paper, which includes the front -end PWM rectifier and resonant converter for the second stage. Since the battery voltage varies in a wide range (200-450V), in order to maintain the high efficiency in such wide range, the converter operates in three modes: below resonant frequency mode, quasi-resonant mode, above resonant frequency mode. These three modes are adjusted by the output voltage in real time. The loss analysis in these three modes has been presented, and an efficiency optimized design method and procedure are proposed to design the main parameters in the circuit. A 10kW LLC resonant converter prototype has been presented to test.