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Li Wuhua,He Jinwei.Editorial for the Special Issue on Power Converters and Control for Microgrid[J].JOURNAL OF POWER SUPPLY,2018,16(2):01-02
Editorial for the Special Issue on Power Converters and Control for Microgrid
Received:April 08, 2018  Revised:April 08, 2018
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Keywords:microgrid  power conversion  running control  editorial
Fund Project:
Li Wuhua woohualee@zju.edu.cn
He Jinwei School of Electrical and Information Engineering,Tianjin University
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      On account of the intermittency of distributed generation, the fragility of power electronic devices, and the complexity of device-to-grid interactions, microgrid systems are also facing a series of new challenges. Journal of Power Supply organized this special issue on Microgrid Power Conversion and Operation Control to focus on the latest research achievements and academic progress in the microgrid power electronics technology, and to promote technological progress and technological innovation in the related fields.