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DAI Bin,SONG Weizhang.Stability Analysis of Matrix Converter System Based on Small Signal Model[J].JOURNAL OF POWER SUPPLY,2019,17(5):73-79
Stability Analysis of Matrix Converter System Based on Small Signal Model
Received:May 15, 2017  Revised:January 02, 2019
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Keywords:matrix converter  stability analysis  transfer function  zero-pole
Fund Project:The National Natural Science Foundation of China (General Program, Key Program, Major Research Plan)
DAI Bin Maths & Information Technology School, Yuncheng University, Yuncheng , China daibin519@126.com
SONG Weizhang School of Automation and Information Engineering, Xi'an University of Technology, Xi'an , China
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      A method for the stability analysis of matrix converter is proposed based on the small signal model. The small signal model of a matrix converter system is established with the objects of power supply, second-order input L-C filter, matrix converter and the R-L load. Its transfer function is obtained, and the distribution of zero-poles, as well as the effects of different parameters on the system stability, is analyzed. Specifically, the effects of some nonlinear factors including the on-state voltage drop, commutation process and dead zone are studied. Through Fourier analysis, the expression for harmonics is given, and the relation between these nonlinear factors and the system stability is analyzed. Simulation results verify the conclusions from the modeling and analyses.