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LI Zhuocheng.EMC and non-matching Filter Design for Space Power Converter[J].JOURNAL OF POWER SUPPLY,2019,17(1):0
EMC and non-matching Filter Design for Space Power Converter
Received:April 12, 2017  Revised:January 23, 2019
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Keywords:power converter  filter design  non-match compensation  inductor design  EMC  Interference suppressor
Fund Project:
LI Zhuocheng China Academy of Space TechnologyXi'an, Xi'an , China lizcmail@163.com,lizc@c504.cast
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      EMC is an main term of design and test for space power converter, filter is a effective method for suppressing EMI and advancing reliability as well as technical parameters. The filter characteristics that be connected between main bus and dc-dc converter are introduced in briefly, the principle for selecting parameters and type of filter in optimistically is analyzed . design methods of the filter with non- matched impedance is be described in emphatically, an formula for compensating frequency response is be obtain on the basis of detail theory analysis. The design process especially as inductor is described in detail by an application case. Simulating result verify that the design method can suppress resonance very effectively and reduce precision requirement for parts parameters, it can be confirmed that the peaking factor is less 1.2 in any non-match situation including source resistance and load , in other words, the filter adapt in any bus voltage variable range and any power levels.