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LI Zhuocheng.Electromagnetic Compatibility and Non-matched Filter Design for Space Power Converter[J].JOURNAL OF POWER SUPPLY,2019,17(1):145-151
Electromagnetic Compatibility and Non-matched Filter Design for Space Power Converter
Received:April 12, 2017  Revised:August 12, 2018
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Keywords:power converter  filter design  non-matched compensation  inductor design  electromagnetic compatibili-ty(EMC)  interference suppression
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LI Zhuocheng China Academy of Space TechnologyXi'an, Xi'an , China lizcmail@163.com,lizc@c504.cast
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      Electromagnetic compatibility(EMC) is an important content in the design and test for aerospace products, and filters are effective methods for suppressing electromagnetic interference(EMI) and improving the reliability as well as technical indicators. In this paper, the characteristics of the filter connecting the main bus and the converter are introduced briefly, the principle for selecting the filter's optimal type and parameters is analyzed, and the design method for the filter with non-matched impedance is discussed especially. On the basis of detailed theoretical analysis, the accurate non-matched resonance frequency and the effective compensation method are obtained. Through a specific case study, the overall design process is introduced in detail, and the worst-case analysis and simulations on the design result are conducted. Results show that the proposed method can effectively suppress the non-matched resonance and reduce the precision requirement for part parameters to a maximum degree; in any non-matched situation(including internal resista-nce and load resistance), the peaking factor can be kept to be less than 1.2 in the wide range of bus voltage variation or at any power level.