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SUN Chuan,WANG Chunfang.Research on Wireless Charging System for Line Follower Robot[J].JOURNAL OF POWER SUPPLY,2018,16(6):137-142
Research on Wireless Charging System for Line Follower Robot
Received:September 22, 2016  Revised:July 06, 2018
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Keywords:line follower robot  wireless charging  single-switch inversion  inductively coupled power transfer(ICPT)  soft switch
Fund Project:
SUN Chuan College of Automation and Electrical Engineering, Qingdao University, Qingdao , China
WANG Chunfang College of Automation and Electrical Engineering, Qingdao University, Qingdao , China qduwcf@163.com
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      The power battery used in a traditional line follower robot adopts a contact charging mode. Therefore, the robot will easily get contact defect during charging because of mechanical wear. To solve this problem, a type of single-switch inductively coupled power transfer(ICPT) wireless charging system is studied in this paper. This system adopts a two-stage topology:the single-switch ICPT system is used on the preceding stage to achieve contactless power transfer, while the Buck-Boost circuit controlled by the charging management chip LTC4020 is used on the post stage to realize quick-charging for the lithium battery. The circuit structure and principle of wireless charging system for the line follower robot are introduced. For the main circuit on the preceding stage, four-stage circuit equivalence, analysis of operation process, circuit modeling, design of compensation network, and design of soft switching are performed; afterwards, the charging management circuit on the post stage is analyzed ad designed. Finally, a prototype was designed, and simulations and experiments on the maximum voltage of the switch, current, and output voltage were conducted for the circuit on the preceding stage; in addition, the proposed charging scheme was verified through battery charging experiments.