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YU Shan,XU Zhiwang,DONG Jiqing.Analysis of Impact of Stray Capacitance on LLC Resonant Converter[J].JOURNAL OF POWER SUPPLY,2018,16(2):124-130
Analysis of Impact of Stray Capacitance on LLC Resonant Converter
Received:December 28, 2015  Revised:March 07, 2016
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Keywords:stray capacitance  LLC converter  soft-switch  gain distortion
Fund Project:Science and Technology Foundation of Fujian Provincial Education Department;Natural Science Foundation of Fujian Province
YU Shan Zhicheng College, Fuzhou University, Fuzhou , China shanfzu@sina.cn
XU Zhiwang Fujian Raynen Technology Co., Ltd, Fuzhou , China
DONG Jiqing College of Electrical Engineering and Automation, Fuzhou University, Fuzhou , China
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      It is easy to ignore the impact of stray capacitance on the converter during the design process of an LLC converter. In this paper, the impact of stray capacitance on the working principle of LLC converter is analyzed on the basis of the developing mechanism of stray capacitance. The existence of stray capacitance not only affects the soft-switch process of primary switch, but also distorts the output voltage gain under light or no load. Based on the optimization of dead time and compared with the existing solutions to the problem of gain distortion, a novel dual hysteresis adaptive Burst digital control scheme is proposed to improve the conversion efficiency under light load while stabilizing the converter output voltage. Finally, the correctness and feasibility of the proposed control scheme were verified by tests on an experimental prototype.