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Output Impedance Analysis of Dual Active Bridge Converter with Load Cur-rent Feedforward for Fast Dynamic Response 2020年第3期 
IGBT module switching characteristics research and driving resistance se-lection method 2020年第1期 
Study on the simplified algorithm of power loss of hot spot cells of PV module 2020年第1期 
A Node Comparison Based Model Predictive Control for Three-Phase Four-Leg Grid-Tied Inverter 待定
Inverse-System Decoupling Control of Constant Current Boost LED Driv-ers 待定
Optimization control approach of induction motors based on multifunc-tional series compensators 2020年第1期 
Analysis and Design of Downhole Rated Power and High Efficiency Wireless Power Transmission System 待定
Analysis of Power Transmission Line Loss Evaluation Model for Renewable Energy Sources 待定
Parameter Design of Impulse-Injection-Based Grid Impedance Identification with Grid-Tied Converters 2020年第2期 
An Improved IPOS Modular LCC Resonant Converter Control Strategy 待定
Mechanism of low-frequency oscillation of energy storage converter and Its Suppression 待定
Sensitivity Testing Technology of Semiconductor GaN Power Switching Devices 待定
Research on the Key Technology of All Silicon Carbide High Power DC Power Supply 待定
Research on Digital Control Method of Undervoltage Locking Circuit for Multichannel Communication Power Supply 待定
Design of temperature-controlled heatsink for power semiconductor system 2020年第1期 
Study on Da-Som Algorithm for Fault Diagnosis of Photovoltaic Array 待定
Small Signal Modeling and Stability Analysis of DFIG-VSG wind power generation system 2020年第2期 
NTSMC strategy based on precise feedback linearization for DC micro grid constant power load system 2020年第2期 
Dual-sequence Control Method for Off-grid Inverter with Asymmetric Load 2020年第2期 
High Gain Boost-Sepic DC-DC Converter with Coupled Inductors 待定