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Analysis of high frequency impedance matching for wireless power transfer 待定
Design tradeoffs in LLC resonant converter 待定
Dual Active Bridge Bi-directional DC-DC Proficiency Simulation based on SiC and Si MOSFET 待定
Press-Pack SiC MOSFET Module 待定
Six-phase continuous AC / AC frequency conversion power supply based on plugged pulse principle 待定
Modeling of Isolated Multi-port Bidirectional DC-DC Converter with Phase-shifted Full Bridge Based on Extended State-space Averaging Method 待定
Graphic analysis of Reactive Power for a Single Phase Full Wave Rectifier with Back EMF Load 待定
Research on AC and DC Side Decoupling Control Strategy of Current Source PWM Rectifier 待定
Research on MPPT Control Technology Based on HAPSO 待定
Multi-peak PV array maximum power point tracking with Adaptive Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm 待定
The Research of Compound Control Method for Dual-Buck Inverter Based on State Space model 待定
Multi peak MPPT control based on PSO and INC 待定
Switch Reluctance Motor Bus Current Decomposition Based on The Method of High Frequency Pulse Injection 待定
Model Predictive Current Control for Three-phase Voltage Source Grid-connected Inverter with Parameter Robustness 待定
Research On Decentralized Equalization System and its Equalization Method of Traction Battery 待定
Application of integrated filtering inductors transformer in the harmonic suppression of the 10kV prefabricated substation 待定
Research on Low Voltage Line Voltage Regulator Based on Magnetic Control Inductance 待定
An Improved Adaptive Harmonic Current Detection Method 待定
Based on Fuzzy Energy Hybrid Energy Storage Management Strategy Application Research in Ship Medium Voltage DC Power System 待定
A New Magnetic Integrated combined CUK Converter 待定