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Loss Analysis and Thermal Design of Modular Multilevel Power Am-plifier 待定
An Improved Model Predictive Control Strategy Based on AFE Converter 待定
An Adaptive Virtual Synchronous Generator Control Method on Dynamic Response Characteristic Optimization 待定
Research on Bridgeless Dual Boost PFC Converter with Integrated Magnetics 待定
Multi-physical Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Modeling and Sim-ulation 2019年第2期 
Single-Switch Four-String Step-Down LED Driver with Passive Current Balancing 待定
An Improved Speed Estimation Method based on The Model Reference Adaptive System for Multiphase Induction Motor 待定
Research Progress in Water Management of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells 2019年第2期 
A review of state estimation and life prediction for lithium ion batteries 待定
Research on Novel Three Phase Three-level Rectifier Based on Improved Finite set Model Predictive Control Under Weak Grid Conditions 待定
Modeling and Decoupling Control of Current-Fed Dual Active Bridge Bidirectional DC-DC Converter 待定
Study on dynamic radio energy transmission system of different picking end 待定
A Distributed Control Strategy for Multi-DG Parallel System 待定
Analysis of voltage sag compatibility capability based on improved maxi-mum entropy method 待定
An improved modulation strategy for CDSM topology switching loss uneven 待定
A novel SVPWM modulation method for eliminating zero distortion of input current in VIENNA rectifier 待定
A new high gain dual-input DC-DC converter 待定
Research on PMSG Control Strategy under Asymmetric Faults Based on Super Capacitor Energy Storage System 待定
Improved pulse width control method for five switches H bridge inverter 待定
Talking about the Development of High- power Low-frequency Power Supply in China 待定