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An improved 4H-SiC superjunction UMOS device 待定
Self-Heating Strategy for Automotive Lithium-ion Batteries Based on Traction Drive Reconfiguration 待定
Power system fault prediction based on deep convolutional neural networkZHU Yanfang 1 YAN Lei 1* CHANG Kang2,3 ZHAO Wenna1 LI Yuan1 XU Limei1 待定
Battery state estimation based on Kalman filter algorithm 待定
Research on Generalized State Space Average Model and Control Strategy of Triple Active Bridge DC-DC Converter 待定
Dual-Vector Model-Free Model Predictive Control Strategy Based on Voltage Source Inverter 待定
Hybrid Simulation Analysis of Bias Excitation of New Traction Transformer 待定
Model Predictive Control Strategy for Five-phase Induction Motor with Variable Sampling Period 待定
An Improved Quasi-Z-source Step-up converter with low voltage stress 待定
Research on Control Strategy of Bidirectional Wireless Power Transmission System in V2G 待定
Research and improvement of mutual inductance drop around corner of electric vehicle dynamic wireless charging system 待定
An Low Delay and Low Power Consumption Level Shift Circuit with Logic Correction 待定
Research on Interleaved Three-Switch Buck-Boost Converter with Co-Directional Coupling Inductor at Boost Side 待定
Design and analysis of multidirectional WPT coupling structure 待定
Calculation method of capacity load ratio of multi voltage AC power network 待定
Research on LCC-S Compensated WPT System Based on Frequency Switching to Realize CC and CV Charging for Battery 待定
Wide Output Dual Full Bridge LLC Resonant Converter with Hybrid Control Strategy 待定
A Hybrid Structure Double Boost Nine-Level Inverter 待定
A condition quantitative assessment method of spacecraft electrical power system with fuzzy theory 待定
Soft Switching Implementation Algorithm for Battery Equalizer based on Switched Inductor Converter 待定