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Combined operation system of SVG and APF common bus under Unbalanced Grid 待定
Status Quo and Prospect of Substation DC Power System 待定
A High Gain Interleaved Coupled-inductor DC/DC Converter 待定
Comparison on Modulation Schemes for DC Energy Storage Supplied 15-Level Cascaded Multilevel Inverter 2018年第4期 
The Permanent Magnet Structure Analysis of Permanent magnet bias Power Inductor 待定
Magnetic Integrated High Gain Cascaded Boost Converter with Switched-Inductor 待定
Coordinated Control Strategy of Wind Power Accommodation Based on Cogeneration with Heat Storage and Pumped Storage 2018年第4期 
Double-capacitor hybrid DC circuit breakers 待定
Joint Planning of EV Charging and Battery SwappingStationsBased on Weighted VoronoiDiagram and Improved PSO Algorithm 2018年第4期 
Parallel Control Strategy of Aviation Static Converter with Virtual nega-tive Resistance 2018年第4期 
Application of soft carbon anode materials in energy storage power station 待定
Research for a Cascaded STATCOM With Battery Energy Storage System 2018年第4期 
Optimization Design of Transmitting Coil for Automated Guided Vehicle Wireless Charging System 待定
Conducted EMI Filter Design Based on the Noise Source Impedance in Single-phase Grid-connected Inverter 待定
Review on Capacity Optimization Configuration and Life Cycle Economic Evaluation Method of Energy Storage System 2018年第4期 
Coordinated operation strategies for flexible sources and distribution net-work power flow calculation 2018年第4期 
Optimal capacity allocation of battery considering both grid connected and standalone operating conditions of a micro-grid 2018年第4期 
Review of coil design for magnetic resonant wireless power transfer system 待定
Entire Extent State of Charge Estimation Based on Model Insufficient Kalman Filtering Algorithm 待定
A Research of The Strobe For The High-Efficiency,Low-Ripple And Dimming LED Driver 待定