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An Improved Adaptive Harmonic Current Detection Method 待定
Based on Fuzzy Energy Hybrid Energy Storage Management Strategy Application Research in Ship Medium Voltage DC Power System 待定
A New Magnetic Integrated combined CUK Converter 待定
Constant-current Control Technique for Interleaving Buck Converter with Fast Transient Performance and Wide Stability Range 待定
High gain DC converter based on voltage doubling unit coupling inductor 待定
Inertia and Damping Analysis of Grid-tied Energy Storage System Based on Frequency Droop Control 2018年第4期 
Research on Consistency Management of Echelon Use Li-ion Battery Pack for Container Type Battery Energy Storage System 2018年第4期 
The capacity optimization of multi-medium energy storage system improving local consumption of wind power 2018年第4期 
A Multilevel Railway Power Conditioner System Based on YNvd Trans-former 待定
An Improved Fuzzy PID for LLC Resonant Converter with Wide Operating Range 待定
Modulation-Function-Based Model Predictive Direct Power Control of Single-Phase PWM Converters 待定
A Quasi-Switched Boost Converter with Switched-Inductor 待定
Influence of Connection Point Switching Frequency on the Characteristics of Series Arc Fault 待定
Status Quo and Prospect of Substation DC Power System 待定
A High Gain Interleaved Coupled-inductor DC/DC Converter 待定
Comparison on Modulation Schemes for DC Energy Storage Supplied 15-Level Cascaded Multilevel Inverter 2018年第4期 
Combined operation system of SVG and APF common bus under Unbalanced Grid 待定
Magnetic Integrated High Gain Cascaded Boost Converter with Switched-Inductor 待定
The Permanent Magnet Structure Analysis of Permanent magnet bias Power Inductor 待定
Coordinated Control Strategy of Wind Power Accommodation Based on Cogeneration with Heat Storage and Pumped Storage 2018年第4期