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Research on Load-independent Characteristic Based on Current Analyzation of Compensation Network 2022年第5期 
Estimation of IGBT loss and junction temperature based on thermal coupling analysis 待定
Hybrid high voltage transformer design with power electronic converter for smart grid S 待定
Loss Calculation of SiC MOSFET in Three-phase Full Bridge Considering Parasitic Capacitance and Inductance 待定
Characteristic analysis of new magnetron transformer 待定
Current-voltage Measurement Methods of Solar Cell and their Application: A Comment 待定
Design of a Synchronous Rectifier Flyback DC-DC Converter Using GaN FETs 待定
Analysis of Thermal Effect of Lithium Battery Based on Electrochemical Thermal Coupling 待定
Li-ion battery pack active-passive hybrid equalization topology for Low-earth Orbit satellite power system 2022年第5期 
An Intelligent Estimation Method of SOH for Li-ion Batteries Based on XGBoost-ARIMA Model 待定
Reduced Order Modeling Method of Weak AC Grid-Connected DFIG Wind Turbines Based on Singlar Perturbation Theory 待定
A Magnetic Coupler with Composite Shielding Layer for Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicle 2022年第6期 
Restoration method of limited Risk Power supply in distribution system based on cloud-side collaboration with User-side microgrid Group 待定
An improved passive impedance remodeling method for grid-connected inverters 待定
Frequency modulation control method for large-scale distributed energy storage system in smart grid 待定
Extraction of Residual Inductance of PCB Double-pulse Test Circuit Based on Three-dimensional Simulation 待定
Effect of streamlined baffles on PEMFC performance 2022年第5期 
Research on Operation Mode of DC Microgrid in Isolated Island with EV-Wireless Power Transfer Systems 2022年第6期 
A Phase-shifted Full-Bridge Converter with Hybrid Control of Peak Current and Burst Mode 待定
Research on SOC estimation of lithium-ion battery based on WOA optimization extended Kalman algorithm 待定