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A Diagnosis Method in Three-level APF Based on Standardized Line Voltage Error 待定
Research on the Control Strategies of Solid-state Transformer Based on the Voltage Balancer 2019年第5期 
Design of a Reversely Information Transfer System with Frequency Modulation at the Secondary Side 待定
junction temperature monitoring of SiC MOSFET module 待定
Dynamic Characteristic Simulation and Optimal Design of Vacuum Circuit Breaker 待定
Limiting of Negative Sequence Currents by Varying Cluster Voltage under Unbalanced Grid for Star-connected Cascaded H-bridge STATCOM 待定
Research on Optimization Scheme for Model Predictive Current Control of Vienna Rectifier 待定
Research on Optimization of Distributed Power Configuration Methods in Wind Farms 待定
Design of On-line Detection System for Wind and Solar Complementary Circuit Faults in Harsh Environment 待定
Gate Drive Scheme Design for 600V Depletion-mode GaN Power Devices 2019年第3期 
Maximum Efficiency Tracking of WPT System Based on Optimal Load Matching 待定
Progress in the key technologies of GaN-based power electronic devices 2019年第3期 
Cascode GaN Power Device and its Application in Wireless Power Transmission 2019年第3期 
Pre-driver chip design and package integration for GaN power devices 2019年第3期 
Fabrication and research of GaN based power electronic materials and devices on 6-inch Si substrate 2019年第3期 
Monolithic Integration of GaN HEMT Power Electronic Devices and Digital Circuit Using p-GaN Structure 2019年第3期 
Recent Progress and Challenges of AlGaN/GaN Schottky Barrier Di-odes (SBD) 2019年第3期 
Materials and processing issues in vertical GaN power transistors 2019年第3期 
The Planning of Energy Storage System for Power Grid Peaking Shaving and Frequency Regulation Planning Based on AHP and CRITIC 待定
Generic Derivation of Optimal Architecture for A Resilient Microgrid with Graph Theory 待定