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Research on Fault Protection of Multiple Independent Outputs Isolated DC Power Supply 待定
Analyzing and Designing of a New Co-phase Power Supply System 待定
Home Energy Management System based on Electric Power Router 待定
Research on Energy Management and Control System of Locomotive Regenerative Braking 待定
Influence of flow channel arrangement on temperature field of square lithium battery pack 待定
Performance comparison of inverter based on H4 structure under different modulation modes 待定
A New Design of Driving Power Supply for Ultrasonic Motor 待定
Harmonic/interharmonic detection based on VMD-SWT joint algorithm 待定
Research on Wireless Power Supply Technology for RTG on Port 待定
Study on Detection Method of DC Arc Fault for Photovoltaic System 待定
Estimation to GaInP2 Solar Cell Power Degradation in LEO Space 待定
Research on LED Driver with High Power Factor and Low Output Ripple 待定
Small Signal Modeling and Closed Loop Design of Full-Bridge LC-LC Series-Parallel Resonant Inverter 待定
Development and key technologies of wireless charging technology for portable devices 待定
Current reconstruction model predictive fault-tolerant control for grid-connected converter 待定
Three-level Inverter Dead Time Compensation Based on 待定
Post-cascade BOOST converter based on active network 待定
Optimization of Planar Spiral Coil for Wireless Power Transmission 待定
An Accurate Model for Soft-switching Analysis of Three-Port DC-DC Converter 待定
Research on Soft-start of LLC Resonant Converter Based on PWM PFM 待定