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Modeling and analysis of quasi-resonant modified SEPIC converter 待定
Optimal configuration of battery energy storage capacity of microgrid considering life loss 待定
Fault line selection method for mine power grid based on fusion of multiple criteria of convolutional neural network 待定
SOH Estimation of Lithium-ion Battery Based on IMOCS-BP Neural Network 待定
Research on field oriented control of multi microgrid parallel operation based on hierarchical control 待定
Research on Bidirectional Magnetic Feedback Circuit for DC/DC Converter 待定
Three-Phase Voltage-fed Quasi-Z-Source AC-AC Converter 待定
Hybrid phase shift modulation scheme for dual active bridge bidirection-al DC / DC converter 待定
Power System Frequency Control Method Based on DFIG Response Control Under Different Working Condition 待定
A Fault Diagnosis Strategy Based on Multi-level Feature Extraction for Grid-Connected Inverter 待定
Daily Initial SOC Determination for Energy Storage System of Microgrid Scheduling 待定
A Review of Junction Temperature Measurement Methods of IGBT by On-state Voltage at High Current 待定
An Improved Hybrid Modulation Control Strategy for MMC with Auxiliary Sub-Modules 待定
A double-sided SiC MOSFET bi-directional power module with flexible buffering spacer 待定
Review on Control Strategy of Modular Multilevel Converter Under Unbalanced Grid Voltage 待定
Instantaneous feedback optimal control method of sine wave inverter based on DSP 待定
Analysis and design of a high step-down ratio dual-output Buck converter 待定
Output Control of Wireless Power Transfer System Based on Improved Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm 待定
Design of Fault Diagnosis System for Photovoltaic Grid Connected Micro Inverter based on Fuzzy Fault Tree 待定
Decoupling control of high frequency VIENNA rectifier based on phase compensation 待定