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Step-up DC-DC converter based on diode-capacitor doubler 待定
Simulation calculation and experimental study of lithium battery pack used in energy storage system 待定
An improved inverter fault diagnosis based on convolutional neural network 待定
Research on Magnetic Integrated High Gain Zeta Converter 待定
Research on Virtual Synchronous Generator With Power Quality Compo-site Control Function 2018年第6期 
Fault Identification of Wireless Power Transmission System based on Feature Comparison 待定
Research on the Application of Solid State RF Power Supply Based on GaN Devices 待定
Research on capacity fading characteristics of Li-ion battery based on Equivalent Thermal Model 待定
A tracing method for the resonance frequency in Wireless Power Transmission 待定
Research on power supply of high power screen door based on ZVZCS 待定
Control of Harmonic Current and Neutral-Point Potential Balance for Three-Level APF 待定
Dynamic Reactive Power Optimization of the Distribution Network Considering Accurate Models of Distributed Generation 待定
Research on Smoothing Algorithm Based on Virtual Synchronous Generator Mode 2018年第6期 
Novel cascade magnetically integrated switching inductor high gain boost converter 待定
Research Progress on Modifications of Ni-rich Ternary Cathode Materials (LiNi1-x-yCoxMnyO2) for Lithium-ion Batteries 待定
A Common-mode Noise Suppression Method For Full-bridge LLC Con-verter 待定
Research on Power Balance Control Strategy for Single-phase Cascade H-bridge Photovoltaic Grid-connected Inverter 待定
Analysis of high frequency impedance matching for wireless power transfer 待定
Design tradeoffs in LLC resonant converter 待定
Dual Active Bridge Bi-directional DC-DC Proficiency Simulation based on SiC and Si MOSFET 待定