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Research on economic benefits of frequency modulation for energy storage combined generating units 待定
Distributed Parameter Extraction Study of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor in EV 待定
Calibration Method of Open Circuit Voltage for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells 待定
Power Operation Control and Energy Management in Green Data Center 待定
A review of hierarchical control in distributed DC microgrid 待定
An Improved Power Electronic DC Transformer based on Magnetic Cou-pling Transformer 待定
A Hybrid High Step-up DC/DC Converter with Switched-inductor and Switched-capacitor Cell 待定
Half-Bridge Cascaded 3-Phase Multilevel Inverter and its Control 待定
Fault Diagnosis and Location Method of Open-Circuit Failure in Modular Multilevel Converter Based on Arm Current Distortion and Adaptive Ob-servation? 待定
An Interleaved Parallel Single-Phase Transformerless MOSFET Grid-connected Inverter 待定
Research on Design and Control Strategy of New Distributed PV-Battery System 待定
Fast Numerical Algorithm of Real-time Simulation for high-frequency power electronic based on FPGA 待定
Research on Multi-target Power Quality Control of Parallel Modular Cascaded Super-capacitors 待定
Robust Nonlinear Observer for State Estimation of PEMFC Systems 2019年第2期 
Economic Optimization Operation of Combined Cooling and Power -Supply Micro-grid with Ice-storage Device 待定
Comparison of Control Strategy Based on a Plug-and-Play Two-Port Ac-tive Capacitor 待定
Winding Loss and Parameters Optimization Design of High Frequency Planar Transformer 待定
High Efficiency High Power Density Series Resonant DC-DC Converter With Low V(BR)DSS MOSFET 待定
A Novel Dual Input DC-DC Converter for Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Power Generation System 待定
Comparative Analysis on Impedance Characteristics of Grid-Connected In-verter Cluster with Considerations of Closed-Loop Control Strategies 待定